Doğan Dış Ticaret ve Mümessillik A.Ş., which has been operating under the umbrella of Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. for more than 40 years, operates in the field of Import, Agency business and Raw material Supply services.

Accordingly, in addition to importing raw materials such as printing, writing and packaging papers, cardboard, printing materials, aluminum, film and petrochemicals, it operates in the business of supplying a wide range of global products ranging from digital TV support units, promotional products, furniture to inflatable sea products and camping & sports equipment.

Our company also acts as the Turkish agency of the Finland-based "Stora Enso ", which is one of the world's leading paper manufacturers as well as KRPA and Oppoga brands, which are among the other European manufacturers, within the scope of Agency Activities. As the Turkish Agency of Stora Enso, our company supplies newsprint, book paper, SC and WFU paper to its customers.

In addition to supplying paper, our company provides Stock and Financing Services in the supply of all kinds of raw materials, including petrochemical, iron-steel, aluminum and film, provides logistics operation service to meet its customers' needs nonstop under the most appropriate conditions and uses its bonded and unbonded warehouses spread to various regions across Turkey.

Apart from direct sales, raw material supply and agency activities, Doğan Dış Ticaret ve Mümessillik A.Ş. also offers import brokerage services to its customers with its staff specializing in foreign trade legislation and courtesy of its years of experience in the field of import.

Being one of the leading companies in Turkey in its sector, our Company continues to be one of the leading foreign trade companies in its sector with its product diversity, expert management team and dynamic structure.